Tips On Keeping Your Wardrobe New; Without Breaking The Bank

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If you are someone who likes looking stylish and with the current fashion, and like keeping your wardrobe updated, you are like most of us. But if your bank balance is putting a stop to your fashion interest, these are a few interesting tips and suggestions for you… 

Learn to mix and match  

When shopping for clothes, it’s normal that you have a certain outfit idea planned out for that particular clothing. But after a few times of wearing it according to that outfit idea, chances are that you will get fed up looking at it and wearing it that way. Normally, you’d try to match it with another similar kind of outfit idea. If that fails, it’ll be one of those clothing items that sits in the back of your wardrobe…and eventually gets forgotten. As an alternative, you can try mixing and matching what you have. Certain seasonally clothing can be paired up or layered, making it more suitable for other weather. For example, if you have a crochet crop top or corset that you love wearing in summer, but can’t wear in the rest of the year due to the weather, consider wearing it over a long shirt with skinny jeans. Similar rules can be applied for other “summer clothes” as well. cheap watches for women

The art of accessorizing  

Accessorizing a dress can almost change it entirely. From a complete formal outfit to an outfit worthy of partying, all you need to do is accessorize well, and pair it with the right kind of hair and makeup. Watches, clutch bags, shoes, jewelry…these all play a large part in giving your outfit life. Try contrasting colors instead of always going for complimenting colors. Try discount mens watches and sports jackets with your girly outfits and your sleek dresses. Combine your sleek pencil heels with your business suits to get a powerful outfit that you can rock with ease. And as of the beginning of this year, gender neutral clothing and dressing is all the rage…  

Have a few handy tricks to upcycle old clothes  

Wearing jewelry or accessories is not everyone’s cup of tea, and ladies wallets online Australia and clutch bags are not suitable to pair with every outfit. And as much as we would like, it’s not possible for us to buy new clothes whenever the mood strikes us. upcycling clothes and giving them new purpose is a better option when trying to keep your wardrobe new and happening without emptying out your wallet. Cutting and reconstructing old jeans into jackets or shorts, giving your old t-shirts a new crochet edging, making dresses out of shirts…these are all tricks that you’ve probably heard of. Give them a try; you’d be surprised at how well it works out.  

Knowing what to buy the next time around 

And above all, it’s about knowing what to buy. If you have to splurge, make sure it’s something like a bespoken suit or a well fitting shirt in black or white. A good pair of jeans or a stylish yet comfortable pair of shoes too can be considered an investment. Try to avoid those shirts and tops that will have pictures or designs that are very noticeable and easy to remember. Trust us, these tips can help you reduce how much you spend on clothes as well.