Creating Your Own Chic Style

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The word chic has long come to be associated with femininity and elegance, but the truth is, chic at its core means fashionably dressed, perhaps unique. Today, the classic French styles are seen as chic while more Avant Garde fashions have to fight for the right to use that term. If the clothes you see in magazines are too expensive, here are some ways you can adapt your style to be chic without spending too much.

Clothes that Fit

It sounds like common sense, but your clothes have to fit you properly. For instance, your bohemian style dresses will look that much better on you (and less like your mother’s or grandmother’s 60’s hand-me-downs) if they fit you properly. So take in the neck, the arms and the hems.

Make sure that it doesn’t look like it’s about to fall off your frame. Not even the most disinterested, anti-establishment artist will look good in bohemian clothing that are 2 sizes too big.

Clean and Fresh

Can sportswear or workout clothes be chic? By definition, no, because neither is considered ‘elegant.’ However, they can be worn in a way that it looks elegant on your frame and thus, chic. The most important thing about sportswear and any other cotton clothes is that they have to be clean and pressed. Wrinkles, smears, spots and smell all disturb the illusion that your outfit has been carefully put together. You may be wearing a track T shirt and jogging pants, but if you hold your head high and the clothes look fresh, you can pull it off.

Experiment with Mix and Match

Just because you have a defining style doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match. For instance, someone who is more comfortable in jeans and T shirts may turn up to school in a shirt blouse that has been tucked in; add a long beaded necklace, or a choker, and the outfit becomes French chic. The same goes for people who are always formally dressed. Letting those shirt tails loose and unbuttoning the top button will make you look more relaxed and as long as your outfit has been selected and not blindly groped for in the morning, you will look chic.So if you are looking to be elegant, stylish and fashionable within your comfort zone, just make sure that your clothes fit your properly; a dress looks best when the waist is where it is supposed to be, not under the bust or near the hips. Next, do your laundry on time and press whatever clothes you can because a wrinkle-free shirt can do wonders next to a rumpled T shirt. Finally, take a risk and mix your clothes around. Don’t present the same outfit over and over again.